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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Art of Investigation 4: Homemade Metal Detector

I first saw this on an episode of Curious George and had to try it!

To make our metal detector we used an portable AM/FM radio, a calculator and tape.

1. Turn the the radio to AM and turn it to the highest static station.
2. Turn on calculator and place it on the back of the radio facing out.
3. Hold them in this position near a metal object and adjust calculator until you hear a clear beeping signal.
4. Tape calculator in place.

For this investigation, I went around the house and tried to find some interesting metal objects for Thing One and Two to test the detector out on. The more solid the metal object, the better it will work.

First, I showed them how it works...But, how does it work? The calculator produces a very faint radio frequency when held near metal and the AM station actually pick up the signal for the calculator, making it loud enough for you to hear it. Pretty neat!

Thing One and Two thought so too...


  1. That's brilliant. I wonder where I can find a portable AM/FM Radio around here... this is a great science experiment!

    1. Walmart is a good place to look for the radios. The rest of the stuff you can find aroung the house. Perfect for science fairs too!

  2. Love it! Saw it on Curious George, too and wondered if it really worked!

  3. Thanks! I bought this radio at Kmart. I think it cost about $15.

  4. aww snap i saw this on curious george to and just got curious

  5. I tried this but it wouldn't beep.


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