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Monday, April 2, 2012

The Art of Spring: 25 Non-Candy Easter Eggs Fillers

The Easter Bunny is coming to town, and it's time to start filling some Easter Eggs!

If you are like us, you probably attend more than one Easter Egg Hunt. All that candy can lead to some major sugar highs and melt downs. Therefore, I made a list of 25 fun things I could put in their eggs besides candy in hopes to curve some of the sugar intake. 

Here's what I came up with: 

  1. Clues (Make a little treasure/ scavenger hunt out of it. If your kids are too young to read, use pictures.)
  2. Homemade Coupons (Good for a trip to the Moviesto stay up 30 mins. late, etc.)
  3. Stickers or Tattoos
  4. Stamps
  5. Play Jewelry (Rings/ Bracelets/ Necklaces)
  6. Hair Clips
  7. Doll Clothes
  8. Legos
  9. Playmobil Pieces
  10. Hot Wheels Cars
  11. Plastic Animal Figurines
  12. All Natural Fruit Snacks or Dried Fruit
  13. Annie's Bunnies (cheddar, graham, etc.)
  14. Money
  15. Whistle
  16. Spinning Tops
  17. Silly Putty
  18. Mini Bubbles
  19. Bandz Rubber Bands
  20. Magic Growing Capsule Animals
  21. Punch Balloon
  22. Bouncy Balls
  23. Little Slinky 
  24. Finger Puppets
  25. Rocks/ Marbles/ Shells


  1. What a great list of non candy treats! I plan on filling our eggs for the hunt with no candy, so this list will come in handy for me.

  2. Boo to candy--thanks for the list!

  3. This list is AWESOME! I'm putting puzzle pieces (that create a whole puzzle) as a sort of scavenger hunt!

  4. This list is fantastic! I've been trying to come up with some non-candy alternatives. Thanks for all the ideas. Thanks for linking up with The Weekly Kid's Co-Op. I've featured this on my latest Kid's Co-Op link up post.

  5. Love the idea. Unfortunately I haven't seen eggs you can fill here in Australia :(


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